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Why MiBeerAge?

  • You know exactly how many days old your beer is before purchase.
  • We've seen beer on store shelves 2 years past the expiration date, and some bottlers use an expiration date that is 1 year from the bottled (born on) date.
  • Old beer will always be "flat" and usually will taste "skunky."
  • There are several websites that rate the taste of different beers. How do they determine whether someone is rating a 30 day, 120 day, or a 290 day old beer? Age will be the difference between an "A" rating vs. a "D" rating or a "5" rating vs. a "1" rating. Age must be considered.
  • Why should anyone drink a beer that is 4 (120 days) or more months old?
  • Why should anyone pay 2 to 40 dollars for an old can, bottle, 6 pack, 12 pack, 18 pack, or 24 pack of beer?
  • If you had the choice between a 35 day old beer and a 350 day old beer; which would you choose? Age is imperative!
  • If your beer is not listed it can be added to the application if it has a decipherable code; most beers do (we've only seen one craft beer that did not).