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Craft Brewer/Microbrewery Additions

MiBeerAge is a copyright protected iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad that is sold worldwide through the iTunes App store. If your Craft beer has a "Born On" date code (Julian or Codetext) or an "Expiration" date code, we can add your beer to the MiBeerAge GUI to insure that your costumer always selects the best (freshest) beer available for purchase. If you represent a Craft Brewer or Microbrewery and would like your beer added to the MiBeerAge application there are two ways to proceed;
  1. If two hundred or more of your dedicated customers purchase the application and request your beer through the website (MiBeerAge.COM), we'll add your beer to the application along with limited contact information e.g., Phone, Website or Email Address to the "Example List" within the application at no additional charge. We would also request a link to our website to the "Home Page" of your website. 
  2. Pay $349 USD to have your beer added to the application. In addition, we'll add limited contact information e.g. Phone, Website, or Email Address etc. to the "Example List" within the application. This cost would be reduced to $299 USD if we are able to link to our website from the "Home Page" of your website. Once payment is received we'll start the process of adding your beer to the application.
In both instances the process takes approximately 10 days (7 for APPLE to approve changes to the application).

For more information email MiBeerAge@gmail.com or call CRIRS REI, LLC (513-742-9859 or fax 513-742-0069).